The latest additions to my bag:
balls on
the range
The latest additions to my bag: Vokey WedgeWorks
TVD 52 and TVD 56 customized wedges. Beautiful
clubs. Both are fitted with Precision Project X 6.0 shafts, -1/2"
length, -1.5 degrees lie and standard loft. I don't know if these
clubs are cast or forged, but they have a very soft feel (which
could be attributable to the shaft). I play Taylor Made forged 300
series irons (2001 models) with Precision 6.0 Rifles and the
wedges fit right in the mix. I was aware of my fitting and
gapping requirements from a wedge fitting session at Pinehurst
by one of their academy instructors.
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"Little Ric" is a nickname my dad gave me. My year-older and physically larger brother is "Big Ric." I'm not
particularly fond of the name, but I thought I would honor my dad with the stamping. Due to character length
constraints it's abbreviated to "LIL RIC." My dad always enjoyed golfing, but cannot play any longer due to
health issues. Why 'Ric?' Our family uses the Anglicized pronunciation of Ricci, which is phonetically "Ric-KEE"
as opposed to the Italian pronunciation "REE-Chee" or other pronunciations like "Rit-Chee." I plan to add
another Vokey to my bag, if and when WedgeWorks makes a 48 degree TVD available. That one will be
stamped "BENJAMIN," my full name that no one ever uses except my mother and strangers. The 56 degree is
my workhorse: used on almost every hole for either an approach or chipping; and if the approach is good
enough, I'll often finish by putting with it.
Benjamin Ricci
USGA Index: ?

Currently carrying:

Driver: Callaway Diablo
10.5* R Flex

Hybrid: Nickent 3DX2

Irons: 3-PW Maltby Golf
KE-4 with True Temper
Multi-Step A Flex Shafts

Wedges: Cleveland GC

Putter: 33" Odyssey 2 Ball

Ball: ProV1x, Bridgestone
330-S or Taylor Made
Benjamin Ricci
USGA Index: 8.0

Currently carrying:

Driver: Titleist 909D2 8.5
3 Wood: Ping G15
5 Wood: Ping I15

Irons: 4-PW Taylor Made
Forged 300 Series
Precision Rifle 6.0 Shafts

Wedges: Vokey TVD 52
and TVD 56

Putter: 33" Kirk Currie

Ball: ProV1x, Bridgestone
330-S or Taylor Made